Legislative Update

Indiana General Assembly passes higher education bills during recent session

During its recently completed 2013 session, the Indiana General Assembly passed a wide-ranging array of legislation that stands to impact the state’s higher education system, including Purdue Calumet. Following is a summary of those bills.

House Bill 1341: Establishes the Indiana e-transcript program.

Summary: Provides that the Indiana Commission for Higher Education shall administer the program, beginning July 1, 2015, that will allow all students at all accredited high schools to request that their transcripts be transmitted electronically to state educational institutions, participating Indiana not-for-profit or privately endowed institutions, and participating Indiana institutions authorized by the board for proprietary education.

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House Bill 1348: Administration of scholarships and grants.

Summary: Adds a definition of “credit hours”. Makes changes to the definition of “academic term”. Provides that, beginning Sept. 1, 2014, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education shall annually publish a schedule of award amounts for the Frank O’Bannon Grant and the Twenty-First Century Scholars Program (jointly referred to as an “award”) based on recipients’ expected family contribution. This bill also authorizes the Indiana Commission for Higher Education by Aug. 1, 2013 to develop guidelines for providing state educational institutions direction in establishing eight-semester degree maps for each full time-attending student. Students entering beginning in fall 2014 and who graduate in eight semesters or less will receive monetary awards from the state. Additionally, if a state educational institution does not offer a course(s) that students must take to comply with their degree map in the semester identified on their degree map, state educational institutions must offer the course(s) at no charge to the student(s) during the next academic term.

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House Bill 1427: Various education matters.

Summary: Eliminates references to the “buddy system project” in provisions relating to an income tax credit for computer equipment donations. Changes the registration deadline for school bus owners that are not school corporations from July 29 to Sept. 28. Provides that after May 15, 2013, the State Board of Education (state board) may take no further actions to implement as standards for the state or direct the Department of Education (department) to implement any common core standards until the state board conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the common core standards.

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Senate Bill 98: Regional campus governance.

Summary: Provides that a study committee made up of representatives of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, representatives of Indiana University, Purdue University, and regional campuses, and eight legislators shall perform: (1) a study of regional campus governance and operations; and (2) an analysis of the Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne campus; and report the results to the legislative council not later than Nov. 30, 2013.

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Senate Bill 177: Tuition rates for veterans.

Summary: Provides that qualified veterans are eligible for the resident tuition rate for undergraduate courses upon enrolling in a state educational institution not later than 12 months after discharge or separation from the United States armed forces or Indiana National Guard.

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Senate Bill 180: Higher education grading practices and faculty organization

Summary: Requires the annual salaries of employees of state educational institutions to be posted on the Office of Management and Budget’s governmental transparency Internet web site.

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Senate Bill 182: State educational institutions; credit transfers.

Summary: Replaces articulation agreements related to the transfer of credits between state educational institutions with the development of a common curriculum and common standards for the transfer of associate degree credits leading to a baccalaureate degree between state educational institutions.

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Senate Bill 207: Resident tuition rate.

Summary: Establishes certain exceptions to the requirement that an agency or political subdivisions verify that an individual applying for state or local public benefits or federal public benefits is a United States citizen or qualified alien.

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Senate Bill 409: Teacher preparation programs.

Summary: Requires the Indiana Department of Education (department) to develop and the state Board of Education (state board) to adopt as rules, standards and benchmarks of performance for teacher education schools, departments and programs (teacher preparation programs), and individuals that complete teacher preparation programs.

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