Academic Excellence

Purdue Calumet ranks high in international research survey

The High Council of Scientific Research in Spain has ranked Purdue Calumet #2 as “Excellent in Faculty Research” and #4 in “Quality Overall” among Midwest Regional mid-size universities.

Noteworthy recognition

This ranking is significant due to the fact that it is conducted by a non-profit enterprise, not manipulated by other interests, and is impartial and accurate, according to Marisa  Luisa Garcia-Verdugo, Purdue Calumet department head of Foreign Languages and Literatures. “This ranking is not just for the FLL department at Purdue Calumet,” she said. “It reflects the quality of all our academic programs and the excellence of our faculty research.”

Criteria listed

Measurement for the “Excellence” designation included faculty publication in international peer-reviewed professional journals; participating in and organization of international conferences; openness and accessibility of research; and research presence—i.e., number of relevant links a university has to other research institutions, number of web pages and how often they are visited.

“This ties in very nicely with the Purdue Calumet Strategic Plan,” Garcia-Verdugo said. “The message (of this ranking) tells us what is important today for university students and researchers.”

Valued internationally

The rankings of Spain’s High Council of Scientific Research are considered key references for all universities in Latin America. They also are valued by European and United States institutions that recruit and serve international students, according to Garcia-Verdugo.                

Further data available

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