Instructor by day, handyman by night

(Staff Writer)

Professor David Pick
Professor David Pick
Purdue Calumet Professor of Psychology David Pick and his wife Velda have lived in their house on Knickerbocker Avenue, one block west of campus, for the past six years but their now warm and cozy home was not always so.

The Picks’ used their construction skills to restore and renovate most of the inside rooms and exterior by themselves.  They took great care in refinishing the garage door, bringing life back to the once lack luster piece.  Now, it has great detail and adds a decorative touch to the exterior of the home.

Professor David Pick's House before renovation
Professor David Pick’s House before renovation
The home was further improved when the Picks’ used some TLC to remodel the dilapidated front entrance exterior wall and removed the ivy vines that once covered much of the brick construction.

The home looks brand new again but the Picks’ careful design choices restored the character of the 1926 French chateau structure which was originally constructed with materials and utilities that matched the Hammond city schools of that time.

Professor David Pick's House after renovation
Professor David Pick’s House after renovation
He learned most of his construction trades while living on his father’s small town Iowa farm but home repair is not the only handy work David Pick can do.  He also has a knack for repairing Volkswagens.

While completing his undergraduate degree in Psychology at Old Dominion University, Pick and some friends operated a Volkswagen repair shop out of a small garage.

“It started as a hobby,” Pick said.  “My friends and I each owned a Volkswagen and whenever they would breakdown we would repair them together.  So, one day we decided to turn it into a business.”

Pick was then offered a job instructing a series of non-credit courses on Volkswagen repair at Old Dominion during his sophomore year.

“You could say that’s how I got started in teaching,” Pick said.

Pick said his favorite thing about Purdue Calumet is the students and the interaction during class experiments.