Maintaining our campus

Inside: Floors, stairwells & office trash pick-up

Building Services staffers Irene Ochoa (left) and Louise Meuzellar.

Building Services staffers Irene Ochoa (left) and Louise Meuzellar.

Another work in progress is the renewed attention Building Services staff is investing inside our buildings. While floor and stairwell cleaning and maintenance—notably, in SUL—have occurred the past month and will continue this fall in buildings north of SUL, a resumption of office trash removal begins Aug. 25.

Comprehensive cleaning

As for the floors and stairwell, “We just were not able to satisfy the comprehensive cleaning and upkeep that floors and stairwells in high traffic areas require,” Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services Mike Kull said.

So a crew of Building Services staffers, headed by custodian Sam Williams, has been working the overnight shift since late June to spruce up public corridor areas that are in heavy use during the day. If you’ve noticed a difference, credit Williams and crew and their supervisor, Associate Director for Facilities Operations Karen Sullivan.

Twice-a-week trash pick-up

Likewise, when the fall semester begins, Building Services staffers will commence stopping at all campus building offices twice weekly—Tuesday and Friday, between 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.—to empty trash bins. Want your trash bin emptied? Keep your door open. To avoid privacy violation, only opened door offices will be serviced.

“We’re pleased to resume this service,” Kull said. “Offering it twice a week provides two opportunities for trash pickup in the event of a closed office door.”

Questions? Contact Associate Director Sullivan (ext. 2133)