From the Chancellor

Coming… the NEW Purdue Calumet!

Dear Colleagues,

You have heard me articulate from time to time my vision of Purdue Calumet as Hometown University. That notion speaks to several perspectives that combine what we are and what we aspire to become relative to advancing northwest Indiana.

While I was a candidate for the chancellor’s position, I learned quickly and became immediately impressed with the many ways this university serves the needs of its community, region and constituents. Unquestionably, Purdue Calumet has left its mark.

Now, I want to see us build on that mark. I want us to become the NEW Purdue Calumet—a Purdue Calumet that does more than serve needs.

For our university to become this region’s Hometown University, we need to ratchet up our proactivity. We need to pool our intellectual capital and, for that matter, other resources to play a lead role in creating new industries that produce new jobs that do not yet exist.

We have taken an interesting step, presumably in that direction, with our recently-approved proposal by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education to introduce a new master’s degree in modeling, simulation and visualization—the first such offering in Indiana.

You can read more about it elsewhere in this issue. Suffice to say, it offers an innovative platform on which individuals can integrate skills and know-how for designing, optimizing and incorporating complex systems, processes and advanced technologies.

How does that translate into creating new industries and jobs? We are working on it.


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Thomas L. Keon