High tech in higher ed

Purdue Calumet student-developed app provides digital  Plan of Study


Professor & Information Systems Department Head Kuan-Chou Chen w/ three students
Tim Richardson (from left), Josh McFadden, Professor & Information Systems Department Head Kuan-Chou Chen and Joe Kelly

A mobile application developed by three Purdue Calumet students last year—Joe Kelley, Josh McFadden and Tim Richardson— for a Computer Information Systems competition at Ball State University can enable students to replace their current Plan of Study bingo sheet with a more revealing digital version.

The app offer students the ability to record notes, such as personal impressions about specific courses, the names of course instructors, grades achieved and anything else students want to remember or document about their degree pursuit. Hence, students can use such an app to maintain a complete digital history of their academic experience.

This new tool also is designed to allow easier access of university information for students, faculty, staff and alumni. For more information, contact Information Systems Professor and Department Head Kuan-Chou Chen