High tech in higher ed

Job seeking students & employers find right fit with ‘Collegefeed’


Described by some as an up-and-coming employment connection, Collegefeed [Opens in New Window] is a social media site that combines social and real time technologies to match job-seeking students and recent graduates with interested companies.

Currently open to students and new graduates from the University of California, Berkley; Stanford University; and Carnegie Melton University, Silicon Valley, Collegefeed was developed by the former head of product marketing for Google.

Jobseekers can create profiles to search for internships or jobs, find alumni at their choice of companies, share interview experiences with other jobseekers, etc. In turn, companies create their own branded pages, connect with students and graduates who meet their job requirements and forward relevant content to a student’s newsfeed. This site is considered an early career marketplace for anyone preparing to enter the workforce.