From the Chancellor

Graduating on time and our changing campus culture


Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

For some time now we have been communicating about the importance of changing the culture of our changing Purdue University Calumet.

The nature of our changing campus demands that we place a high priority on recruiting committed, motivated well-prepared students who are intent on persisting and graduating in a timely manner.

Dialing up our efforts

Indeed, there always will be a place at Purdue Calumet for those hard-working, dedicated students who pursue their education as best they can while juggling job, family and other key responsibilities. Nonetheless, state, national and Purdue directives have prompted us to dial up our efforts in producing more baccalaureate and master’s degree graduates on time.

The 30 credits per academic year initiative that we have adopted this fall encourages undergraduate students to make their pursuit of higher education a high priority by carrying course loads that enable them to graduate within four years.

Typically, there is little, tangible take-home benefit of a partially completed college education. The real payoff comes in crossing the finish line of degree attainment.

Enrollment management diligence

That is why our enrollment management staff is working so diligently in collaboration with our academic units to aggressively further a full time student commitment to graduation.

Our success in changing the culture of our changing campus depends hugely on our ability to attract and nurture students who commit expeditiously to yearning, learning and earning the Purdue education and degree available on our campus.



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Thomas L. Keon