Strategic Plan Update

Goal 1: ‘Academic Excellence’

We have hit the ground running making impressive, early progress in response to our five-year (2013-18) campus strategic plan. You are familiar with the plan’s four goals:

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Learning through Engagement and Discovery
  3. Inclusivity
  4. Community and Business Partnerships

In this issue of The Bridge and next (March 19), key points of strategic progress relating to our changing Purdue University Calumet will be highlighted. We will address Goal 1 here. Progress in response to Goal 2 will be covered in a piece to follow here. Progress on Goals 3 & 4 will be addressed next issue.

This update is by no means all inclusive of the excellent work being done by faculty and staff across the university.   

The foundation of all we do

Students on campus
Growing numbers of students are enrolling prepared to succeed.

Advancing academic excellence through programs of distinction continues to be the foundation of Purdue Calumet and all we do. Recruiting and retaining students who are prepared and committed to earning a Purdue degree on our campus drive our efforts to be responsive to this goal.

Progress thus far:

  • Board of Trustees approval to…
    – upgrade our Honors Program to an Honors College and
    – collaborate in introducing our first doctoral program: in Nursing Practice;
  • Advancement and nurturing of new master’s degree programs in…
    – Modeling, Simulation and Visualization, and
    – an online offering in Technology, featuring a concentration in Technology Leadership and Management;
  • Early Implementation stages of a new enrollment management plan that focuses on recruiting more well-prepared students and retaining more students through proactive advising and greater engagement with students…
    – last fall, 54 percent of entering freshmen compiled a high school grade point average of at least 3.0, compared to 24 percent of incoming 2009 class. Also, last fall’s freshmen recorded an average ACT score of 21.8, up from 19.9 in 2009;
    – last fall saw a 28 percent increase in the number of students taking advantage of Supplemental Instruction opportunities and an 18 percent jump among students using tutoring services;
    Students at New Student Orientation
    New Student Orientation was improved.
  • 96 percent of nearly 800 first-year students last fall enrolled with a full time course load, suggesting their intention to graduate in a timely manner;
  • Our nearly 200 student-athletes recorded a 3.0 collective grade point average; 
  • Use of DegreeWorks by students to manage their degree progress increased;
  • Services to military veteran students increased;
  • The New Student Orientation Program was reorganized;  
  • Schools were converted to Colleges; several academic departments were restructured;
  • Steps have been taken to generate and acquire better, more comprehensive academic data;
  • Degree program listings have been reorganized with ICHE to establish appropriate, statewide consistency;  
  • There is greater emphasis on career development/placement;
  • Library upgrades and digital learning improvements have been introduced. (For a summary of progress relating to Strategic Goal 2 – Learning through Engagement and Discovery – click here.)