From the Chancellor


Dear Colleagues,

No one has to tell any of us there is much being reported about our campus. Some of us might even suggest that, thanks to the many ways we communicate the vast array of campus news, updates and other messages, we suffer from information overload.

So then why are we rolling out yet another campus e-newsletter?

The simple answer is that for all we communicate, some of our important messages get lost. By “important,” I mean those messages that distinguish Purdue Calumet from other universities and accent what makes us special.

In fact, students, faculty and staff who participated last fall in the introductory phase of our strategic planning process made that very point in suggesting the need to hammer home repeatedly and succinctly what makes us special?

So here you go. You will receive this 5-minute read every other week during the academic year. It will focus on news, announcements and updates relating to our brand, our goals for driving the future of Purdue Calumet, and specifics that reinforce who we are and what we do that are vital to our constituents.

Call it another way our administration seeks to bridge the gap of knowledge and understanding regarding the important initiatives of Purdue Calumet. I invite your feedback to The Bridge—and feel free to submit items for publication consideration.


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Thomas L. Keon