Making a difference

You responded… SLT is acting

Yes, your feedback can make a difference. Purdue Calumet’s 2012 Faculty/Staff Satisfaction Survey that was implemented early this year produced several documented concerns:

  • Lack of consistency in campus communication,
  • Lack of consistency in performance evaluations and paid practices,
  • Lack of support for professional development and community engagement.

Here is how the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has responded:

  • To improve campus communication consistency, while advancing important messages to all faculty and staff, The Bridge online newsletter was implemented last spring. Additionally, minutes of SLT meetings are being provided to all faculty and staff via #Open Forum.
  • To make performance evaluations more consistent and valid, a uniform faculty/staff performance evaluation system has been implemented campus-wide. The same evaluation instrument is now being used to evaluate all employees. Also to be implemented is a formalized system for students to evaluate their faculty instructors.
  • To beef up support for professional development and community engagement several new training programs are in the works.

The campus senior leadership takes seriously the results of the annual Faculty/Staff Satisfaction Survey. Please keep that in mind when you are invited to participate in the next survey.