Academic Excellence

Faculty Fellows gain administrative insight, offer perspective & benefit students

An opportunity for faculty to gain insight into important university and administrative matters, including those that impact student success and retention is the focus of Purdue Calumet’s Faculty Fellows initiative.

Supervised by Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Ralph Rogers, Professor of Communication Lisa Goodnight applied and was appointed the first Fellow last July l. Associate Professor of Nursing Cheryl Moredich was accepted into the program in January. Each Fellow receives half-time faculty release to serve during the equivalent of one academic year.

Blending of faculty & administrative perspectives

Vice Chancellor Rogers says the program provides a professional development opportunity for faculty members who have an interest in administration. “They see a different perspective here than what they see on the faculty side. Plus, they bring a faculty perspective that is important for me to understand,” he said. “What’s more, the projects they’re working on will benefit our campus long term.”

Those projects the past year have included curriculum assessment relative to low enrollment classes and baccalaureate degree tracking to assure that students can complete/graduate from all programs within eight semesters.

Gaining a broader vision

Nursing Professor, Lisa Goodnight
Communication Professor, Lisa Goodnight

“As a Faculty Fellow, I provide Vice Chancellor Rogers help with projects that enable me to delve into some of the important issues the administration is facing,” Professor Goodnight said. “I also believe Ralph has benefited hearing faculty voices from Cheryl and me.”

Also eager to learn more about the administrative workings of higher education, Professor Moredich says faculty in the School of Nursing “are encouraged to expand their understanding, I applied for this Faculty Fellows position to gain a broader vision of administration and important, university-wide initiatives.”

Both professors also find their roles valuable in broadening understanding of important academic matters that affect the students they teach, admitting their focus on student retention and success has been enlightening.

Student success plans

Communication Professor, 
Cheryl Moredich
Nursing Professor, Cheryl Moredich

“Initially, Lisa completed a thorough curriculum analysis that triggered a discussion with deans and department heads about the need for consistent scheduling of required courses,” Professor Moredich said.” This work led to the development of universal formatting of the eight-semester plan of study that will be scripted into Degree Works (software package) and the academic catalog.”

Currently, the Faculty Fellows are exploring how general education requirements and competencies fit into plans of study and the overall success plans of students.

Professor Goodnight’s Faculty Fellowship ends this spring. Professor Moredich continues in her role through the fall, to be joined this summer by a yet-to-be-determined colleague.

Academic program analysis in 2013-14

“The emphasis during 2013-14 for the Faculty Fellows will be various aspects of academic program analysis,” Vice Chancellor Rogers said. “Ultimately, as we recruit students, we want to be able to provide them the best information possible of why they should come to Purdue Calumet and enroll in this or that academic program.”