Enrollment Update

Data suggests we are turning corner of enrollment stability

students smiling
There’s plenty to smile about as we are experiencing gains within our admissions funnel among fall 2014 First Time in College (FTIC) students.

Fall 2014 new student enrollment data suggests strategic efforts are beginning to pay off for stabilizing enrollment and building a solid foundation for continued growth at Purdue Calumet.

In a report to the Administrative Leadership Team Friday (6/13) focusing on General Fund enrollment, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Carmen Panlilio reported gains this year compared to a year ago within our admissions funnel among First Time in College (FTIC) students.

Revealing data

Data she reported from early June for fall 2014 included…

  • Number of admission applications submitted: up 15%
  • Number of prospective students having gained admission: up 105%
  • Number of FTIC students registered for fall: up 183%

Why such dramatic increases among FTIC admits and registrants? Vice Chancellor Panlilio credits the collaborative work among the various offices across campus, as well as admission application reduced internal turnaround response from more than five weeks last year to just one week this year. Another key factor, she reported, is that the packaging and awarding of financial aid occurred this year by April 10, compared to early June in 2013.

This year’s packaging/awarding process also provided newly admitted prospective students much needed information to help them decide and commit to attending Purdue Calumet. 

Accept/Commit stage

Implementation this year of an Accept/Commit stage within our admission funnel also has enabled Panlilio and her team to better determine among our admitted prospects who is “serious about attending Purdue Calumet,” she said.

Obviously, there is other data that also factors into our fall 2014 enrollment picture, but what is surfacing among our key FTIC prospective market is encouraging—including that 97 percent of those first-time fall registrants are enrolled in full course loads.