Recruitment & Retention

More aggressively managing our enrollment through outreach

College Fair in our gymnasium
College Fair in our gymnasium

As part of a ramped up, enrollment management effort, our enrollment services team is taking a more aggressive approach to outreach.

In fact, enrollment services staff members this semester have been busy scheduling, organizing and participating in more than 160 student recruitment- and retention-related activities. They include college fairs—local, regional and national—high school and community college visits, seminars and various on campus interactions with our students.

Student leaders raising awareness

One such interaction is taking place this week as student ambassadors and other organizational leaders are attempting to raise awareness among their peers of the importance of registering now for spring semester classes. These student leaders, wearing black and gold Degree Works T-shirts, are engaged in friendly competition, urging students they encounter in SUL to access and explore Degree Works as a preface to registering for spring.

If academic advisors are busier than usual this week, they can thank student leaders for their competitive spirit.

Why the push…?

…in early November for spring semester registration?

“Our student body is changing, and so must the culture of our campus,” Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services and Student Affairs Carmen Panlilio said. “Our students live busy lives that are often interrupted. Helping them stay organized and focused in persisting toward their degree in a timely manner is vitally important.”

Related, Purdue Calumet’s adoption of a “30 credits per academic year” initiative encourages students to carry a 15-credit course load each semester (or 12 per semester and six during the summer) to stay on track for graduation within eight semesters. 

What’s more, Panlilio indicated that Indiana state recipients of Frank O’Bannon grants and 21st Century Scholar awards must carry 12 or more credit hours per semester to demonstrate satisfactory, eight-semester progress toward their degree to maintain their awards.

“We want to help convince students to prioritize their education so they graduate on time,” the vice chancellor said. “We welcome the efforts of advisors in furthering that message to students who are registering for spring.”

View Purdue Calumet Nov. 16

As for other outreach endeavors, arguably, our most important student recruitment event this fall occurs at 9 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 16, when we host a more comprehensive View Purdue Calumet open house and visitation program. The event is intended for high school and community college students, prospective transfers, parents and individuals exploring graduate study opportunities.

Attendees will gain a comprehensive overview of baccalaureate and master’s degree offerings, our honors program, scholarship/financial aid availability, support services, campus life, career services, student organizations, athletics and more, as well as an opportunity to tour campus.

In short, for friends, family and neighbors who desire to learn more about Purdue Calumet, View Purdue Calumet promises to be a morning well spent.

“A campus visit is essential to making an informed college decision,” Panlilio said, “and a visit that showcases, not just the academic programs and research opportunities available for students, but also student life on campus will help provide a complete picture of all that Purdue University Calumet has to offer.”