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Educational quality and embracing student centeredness

Dear Friends,

Chancellor Thomas L. Keon
Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

The experience of a quality education goes well beyond classrooms, laboratories, curricula and professors.

In fact, a quality education begins before a student enrolls at a college or university and goes on to define itself in the manner it contributes to students succeeding and achieving their goals.

Experiences shape perceptions of quality

Perceptions of educational quality here at Purdue Calumet are shaped by the experiences every student, prospective student and family member has relating to and interacting with our campus.

How well do we assist them? How expeditious are we processing their admission applications and determining their financial aid awards? If asked to do so, how would our students grade their academic advisor? If a donor wants to gift us, must it always be on our terms and according to our procedures? Are there occasions when doing what is right requires us to step outside the proverbial box of normal practice?

Someone told me recently that there are three ways to do things here: the right way, the wrong way and the Purdue way. I suppose that statement has several interpretations, but one thing I am convinced of is this: we sometimes lose perspective that serving students requires our attention and response in ways that may exceed rules, regulations and procedures.

Doing what is right

Stated another way, we need to embrace student centeredness in an unprecedentedly engaged way. Sure, we need to do things the right way, but we also need to do what is right—and what is right is to be as responsive to our students as we can be.

As we encourage students to Experience Purdue Calumet, I suggest we attempt to be mindful of what exactly they are experiencing. Subsequently, our commitment to student centeredness will go a long way in positioning Purdue Calumet and our students for success.


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Thomas L. Keon