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Meet 2011-12 Outstanding Scholar Rachel Clapp-Smith

Rachel Clapp-Smith
Rachel Clapp-Smith

Assistant Professor of Leadership Rachel Clapp-Smith, who was recognized as the 2011-12, “Outstanding Faculty Scholar”, has been on the Purdue Calumet faculty for four years.

Recently invited to deliver the keynote address at the NAFSA Association of International Educators conference in regard to internationalizing business education, she also is a frequent presenter at the Academy of Management’s annual meeting.

She holds a B.A. degree from Bowdoin (ME) College, an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a PH.D from the University of Nebraska.

What is your response to being named ‘Outstanding Scholar’ at Purdue Calumet?

“It is an amazing honor to be recognized for what I love doing, especially considering the incredible caliber of research I see every day from my coworkers.”

Why do you think you were chosen for this award?

“My area of research – leadership – is so much fun because we can all relate to it. However, leaders are perpetually challenged because the context of leadership is constantly changing, particularly in our era of rapid globalization.”

What is the most challenging part of your position?

“A professor wears many hats, and the many roles involved in academia sometimes conflict. I love both research and teaching. However, research often requires very introverted behaviors while teaching requires extroverted behaviors…………..It isn’t easy to switch back and forth between the two skill sets required for teaching and research.”

What is most enjoyable?

“I feel extremely lucky to spend part of my time exploring and expanding our outstanding global leadership, about which I am very passionate. I also get to take that knowledge and pass it on to the amazing students we have at Purdue Calumet.”

Explain your vision for your department?

“I see my department as being a resource to our community, including students, alumni, local businesses, and not-for-profits. I  also see our department providing more opportunities for our students to get involved in our research, as well as giving our students more practical experiences through experiential learning.”

Are you involved with the new Leadership Center?

“Yes, I am a co-director with Howard Cohen and have had the good fortune of learning from faculty in other disciplines on campus, who also are passionate about leadership. I believe The Leadership Center will be a valuable resource for the campus community, as well as the broader Northwest Indiana community.”