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Cutting edge technology & our future


Chancellor Thomas L. Keon
Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

This issue of The Bridge takes us down a different path than past issues.

Instead of stories exclusively about our campus and people, in this issue you will find a more global focus—on cutting edge technology being used in higher education.

Technology and what we deliver

If we believe that higher education in general and our campus specifically is a microcosm of society, then most certainly we buy into the notion that technology substantially impacts the product we deliver, the manner in which we deliver it and how we operate.

Exactly how much does our current commitment to technology drive our campus? How much should it? How much does it affect our delivery of quality? How effectively and comprehensively do we use technology to benefit students? And can or should we act more technologically savvy in the interest of advancing a stronger, better, more efficient and appealing Purdue Calumet?

These are questions I have been pondering, especially as I consider our multi-faceted challenge of attracting, retaining and graduating more ambitious, successful students from a new and more competitive environment.

Benefit to constituents

In the health care industry, hospitals that fall behind technologically run the risk of physicians referring patients to other hospitals with more and better “toys.”

I hope I am not misunderstood. There is much technological excellence being used and applied across our campus—some very cutting edge technology, to be sure.

But the bigger picture, as I see it, is how we approach technology to benefit constituents. How we do so defines our campus, and, in the process, builds brand and perception.

Making a difference? Or just keeping pace?

Our use of technology can and should go a long way in helping us serve students by responding more efficiently and effectively to their needs and desires. Good technology should drive our ability to generate valuable data in order to operate more proactively. Good use of technology is the difference between making a difference and merely keeping pace.

In addition to an innovative app developed by Purdue Calumet students, this issue offers several examples of cutting edge technology that have been introduced at other universities.

As we get busy implementing our new Purdue Calumet strategic plan—one that emphasizes goals of academic excellence, learning through engagement and discovery, inclusivity, and business and community partnerships—technology will play a huge role in our ability to achieve and advance.


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Thomas L. Keon