From the Chancellor

1st year reflections

Come July 1, I will have completed my first year as Purdue Calumet chancellor. I have spent the year looking at and learning about our university and, notably, our role and impact in northwest Indiana.

So much excites me about Purdue Calumet—all we do and our potential to do even more! During my installation remarks last March, I said, “We should not be content to merely serve, but to dream boldly and push forward.”

What I meant by that is that we should not be satisfied to rest on our laurels as a respected regional university within the world-regarded Purdue University system. Certainly the education we provide, accentuated by the Purdue diploma our graduates earn is a source of substantial pride.

But as I have come to realize during the past year, there is great potential for Purdue Calumet to do more than serve current educational needs. Key components also are in place and opportunities are before us to become an economic generator for our region.

Educating our students for jobs in traditional industries is something we do quite well, I have come to learn. Additionally, I am convinced Purdue Calumet is positioned to advance innovative, new industries complete with yet-to-emerge jobs for which we can and will prepare our students.

After looking at and learning about our university the past year, I am excited to dream boldly, push forward and help enable Purdue Calumet to carve a most impressive niche into the future of northwest Indiana and beyond.