From the Chancellor

A changing Purdue Calumet requires change by all of us


Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

I have spent much of the past year addressing our changing Purdue Calumet environment and, subsequently, the commitment we must all make to enable Purdue Calumet to succeed within our environment.

Success, as we define our campus, is Purdue Calumet as the Destination of Choice University—that is, the destination students choose (and alumni validate) for enrichment, satisfaction, value, and personal and professional fulfillment.

Collectively committed

Our growth and development as the Destination of Choice University is not a responsibility exclusive to the enrollment management and marketing units of our campus. In fact, that responsibility drives the bus of all of our campus roles. Expressed another way, collectively and united, all of us must be committed to doing whatever it takes to nurture and strengthen a Purdue Calumet that in every sense is a Destination of Choice University.

–Which leads me to our need for change.

As Darwin put it, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent . . . It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

Dealing with change effectively

We can make a case that change is the response to a contrast of actions and behaviors. Our response to change, of course, varies. There is change we proactively can control or manage effectively, and other change over which we have less control due to external factors. There is change we willingly adopt and other change we may resist.

Much has been researched and written about managing and coping with change. It is my experience that our ability to deal with change effectively comes down to being willing, not so much to leave our comfort zone, but rather to expand it through another perspective of knowledge and understanding.

A clearly defined focus

Effective change takes place with a clearly defined focus on the end result and how we get there. Effectively coping with change, as I see it, is a bit of a paradox. While on one hand, we must willingly let go of the past to embrace the future, we also do well to apply valuable, proven lessons to achieve desired change for the future.

The present environment calls for a different Purdue Calumet—a Purdue Calumet committed to changing how we operate and serve our constituents. We must all be willing to make the commitment to better serve our student body.


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Thomas L. Keon