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Chancellor Installation

Chancellor Thomas L. Keon
Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

Dear Colleagues,

I had the privilege Tuesday (3/20) of being formally installed as chancellor of Purdue Calumet—the seventh leader of this distinguished university. It is my understanding that Tuesday’s event may have marked the first chancellor’s installation in Purdue Calumet history.

Many of you perhaps have asked, “Why a chancellor’s installation?” After all, I have been on the job for nearly nine months. The answer I would offer is that Tuesday’s event was not about me. Rather, it was about US, as in Purdue Calumet—the university, the campus community and the trail we are blazing together.

At various opportunities, I have attempted to share with you my thoughts and vision about the strategic emphases we as a campus community will be embracing over the next several years:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Learning through Engagement and Discovery
  • Inclusivity
  • Community and Business Partnerships

Tuesday’s installation symbolized the beginning of a new strategic journey. I am pleased so many of you were able to attend, because we are on this journey together. I am excited about the opportunities before us.

Thanks to my predecessors and you, Purdue Calumet has come a long way. Yet, there is more trail to blaze and much more to accomplish—by all of us working together. As I see it, that is the message of Tuesday’s installation.


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Thomas L. Keon