Purdue Calumet & Towle Theater present, ‘Celebrating Winter in Northwest Indiana’

The benefits associated with a new educational partnership will be apparent later this month, as the Towle Theater and Purdue Calumet partner to present a unique, “Building Community through the Arts” event at 2 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 16 at the downtown Hammond theater.

Towle Theater's “A Fabulous 50’s Christmas” from 2012
Towle Theater’s “A Fabulous 50’s Christmas” from 2012

Celebrating Winter in Northwest Indiana

The theme of this year’s free offering is “Celebrating Winter in Northwest Indiana” and will include a sampling of food, holiday trees decorated in honor of various cultures, music and carols from around the world, as well as highlights from the Towle’s holiday production, “A Fabulous 50’s Christmas.”

LASS coordinating program

This is the first year the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is facilitating the program, according to Rebecca Stankowski, event coordinator and executive director of multidisciplinary studies and learning outcomes assessment for LASS. At the same time, LASS is working towards building increased programming around the arts, including greater interaction with the Hammond Development Corporation in general and with the Towle Theater specifically, she added.

Connecting Region people & cultures

“We try to connect with the people of the various cultures prevalent in the Region by providing a quality event with good food and entertainment,” Stankowski said. “This also gives us a chance to involve our students, faculty and staff in a community event. Given the timing and the desire to have the event at the theater, the decision to include the Towle’s holiday show, “A Fabulous 50’s Christmas”, in our program seemed to be a natural fit. We planned the rest of the event around that idea, so this year’s event will be a celebration of the winter celebrations that the many cultures in ‘the Region’ enjoy.”

Traditionally, two Building Community… events are offered each year, late during the fall and spring semesters, respectively. Planning committee members include Purdue Calumet students, faculty and staff, and representatives of various groups.