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Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Carmen Panlilio to join staff July 1

Dr. Carmen Panlilio has accepted the appointment of vice chancellor for enrollment management and student affairs, effective July 1. As an introduction to our campus community, she offers the following perspectives in Q&A format.

Dr. Carmen Panlilio
Dr. Carmen Panlilio

What excites you about your new position at Purdue Calumet?

I am excited about the opportunities that this new position represents. I appreciate the explicit recognition that enrollment management and student affairs are natural partners in contributing to and supporting the growth and development of students so that they are successful academically, socially and professionally. I am looking forward to helping build this collaborative organization and helping guide the strategies that will make it even more effective in helping grow the University.

Excitement and enthusiasm are contagious, and there was much of that evident when Purdue Calumet faculty and staff spoke of what they do for students and the community. I am fortunate to be working with people who have succeeded in spite of challenges posed by the economy, changes in regulations and shrinking resources.  I cannot help but believe that even more is possible, and that there are future successes to be built on top of the ones already had, especially with the support of the university community and the surrounding region it serves.

What impresses you about Purdue Calumet?

Purdue (Calumet’s) commitment to the educational success of a diverse student body and its mission of providing an excellent education focused on the professional and life-long learning needs of the communities it serves is one that resonates with me.

The reputation of a Purdue degree is one that not only impresses me, but also impresses my friends and family – here and abroad. I must say that it is the programs that prepare students for an increasingly complex and inter-connected world. There is such a need for today’s students to be technologically, scientifically and culturally literate, the best citizens of their communities and the world, and the Purdue degree helps meet this need.

Last in this short list, but not the least, I am also impressed by the university community. Someone at the University recently said to me that people come to Purdue, and they tend to stay.  I would add that people come to Purdue because of what it represents, espouses, and delivers.

Why do you feel your background/experience will be a good fit for Purdue Calumet?

I feel that my background and experience have prepared me for Purdue Calumet. I was born and raised overseas and am a first generation American citizen. I share this to emphasize that there are things about this country that I cannot take for granted. One of them is access to an excellent education for a diverse group of students – core to the mission of Purdue Calumet.

My professional experience has also prepared me for Purdue Calumet. I have led and participated in the development of university-wide policy decisions and initiatives that directly impact enrollment management, student retention and success, information technology, strategic marketing and recruitment. Specifically, I have successfully developed and implemented recruitment and retention strategies that have utilized both research and information technologies, as well as maximized the involvement and engagement of the various constituents of the university community.  This, I believe, will be an excellent fit for Purdue (Calumet) especially at this time.

My experience with student development (and even my role as a mentor) is also a great fit for Purdue Calumet. As mentioned earlier, enrollment management and student affairs are such natural partners, and the creation of this new organization within the university is one that I can truly appreciate.

Given our need to attract more full time, degree-persistent students who desire to earn a Purdue degree on our campus, what gives you reason to be optimistic and encouraged about your new enrollment management leadership role at Purdue Calumet?

The people I have met who make up the Purdue Calumet university community make me very optimistic! There is a commitment to the mission of the University that is almost tangible when one speaks with members of the community, whether they represent students, the faculty, staff or administration.

I am also encouraged by the growing acknowledgement on a national basis of the value and importance of a substantive, relevant education that is responsive to the economic and manufacturing needs of  today’s world. A Purdue degree has always been one that represents this valued, relevant and responsive education. Purdue Calumet delivers this education for the surrounding communities and this region of the state. We are now poised to be even better at effectively and efficiently recruiting and enrolling full-time, degree-persistent students.