Guest Writer

Campus plantings ensure colorful seasons

Purdue Calumet Grounds Supervisor

The HTM building received a refreshing of its landscaping during the heat of the summer. This was provided by the Dean White donation. The plants selected will provide yearlong interest. Springtime offers the maroon leaf and pink flower colors of Wine and Roses weigela. Along with the weigela will be the selections of ‘Juddi’ viburnum and fothergilla producing white flowers with wonderful springtime aromas. Summer brings the yellow color of ‘Tiger Eyes’ sumac and  variegated Japanese forest grass to match up with maroon leaves of not only the weigela but the Cimicifuga ‘Brunette’. ‘Lo and Behold’ butterfly bush will produce its fragrant purple blooms from the middle of summer all the way to frost. Joining the fall show will be the white blooms of the Cimicifuga and the amazing red and orange hues of the sumac, viburnum and fothergilla. The taller ornamental grasses are ‘Karl Foerster’ feather reed grass. Lining the windows are Japanese painted fern pictum known for its silver grey foliage and purple-red veins and stems.

The other new planting on campus is located on the south side of the CLO and the north side of Powers. This was provided due to the disturbance to the area during the Qualified Energy Savings project. The plants selected for the CLO include 2 ‘Kousa’ dogwood trees that produce beautiful white flowers in the spring and an amazing red fall color. Joining the dogwoods are the aforementioned ‘Lo and Behold’ butterfly bush with their long lasting bloom. ‘Maestro’ sedum will also supply summertime and fall bloom. The maroon shrubs that you will see are called ‘Little Devil’ ninebark and will have pink spring blooms and flashy red color leaves in the fall. The ornamental grasses in the middle of the planting are ‘Gold Bar’ miscanthus. Room will be left in this area for a picnic bench for studying, relaxing or as a meeting area.

Across from this area along the north Powers building is a row of Clethra ‘Ruby Spice’ which will provide fragrant pink blooms in the late summer and fall.