From the Chancellor

Congratulations! Come back & share the Purdue Calumet dream

A few final exams and perhaps a paper or project are all that separate our graduating seniors from the cherished Purdue degree they have worked so diligently to earn.

After the pomp and circumstances of graduation day, it will be full steam ahead, presumably with plenty of years of job and career success, satisfaction and personal fulfillment. In so many ways, all that we stand for as a university blossoms on Commencement day.

A beginning, not closure

Ironically, the term, Commencement, represents a beginning, not closure. To that point, by the close of each of our 90-minute Commencement Exercises, Sunday, May 20 at the Radisson Star Plaza Theater, our graduating seniors will have transitioned to alumni.

While student days of studying, paper writing, project development, research conducting and more may be behind (would-be graduate students notwithstanding), a new and, hopefully, satisfying relationship of connection with Purdue Calumet will begin.

New alumni opportunities

As alumni, you will have opportunities to come back and give back to your alma mater.

Coming back may take the form of participating in campus activities as an engaged member of our alumni organization, Purdue Alumni Calumet. It may mean responding affirmatively to invitations by your professors to speak to their classes or serving on an advisory committee. It may mean representing your employer at a job fair and, relatedly, recommending the hiring of student interns or extending job offers to qualified, prospective graduates.

Giving back also can be construed as any or all of the above. It also may mean recommending Purdue Calumet to a talented prospective student, mentoring an appreciative current student, providing your invited expertise and knowledge in any number of ways, as well as, of course, making a financial gift to Purdue Calumet—a gift from the income you earn, thanks in large part to the Purdue education you received at Purdue Calumet.

Stay connected

Satisfied students-turned-alumni are vital constituents of any university. Now that you are about to achieve what you so persistently sought out to do, I invite you to stay connected to your university, come back often and share the Purdue Calumet dream.