Learning through Engagement

Success continues

Seventy-six percent and rising! The Purdue University Calumet Electronic & Information Technology Accessibility Initiative is ahead of schedule. Our goal is to have 75 percent of our Web pages meeting our Web Accessibility Policy guidelines by March 2013; and our evaluations indicate that we’re now at 76 percent. We’re stepping up our efforts – meeting individually with site owners and content editors -to make even greater strides.

We have been encouraged by the way the Purdue Calumet campus community, as a whole, has embraced efforts to make our Web sites and Web-based learning accessible to everyone. To honor those departments, schools and individuals who have taken extra steps, we are recognizing a “Web Accessibility Partner of the Week”.  Our first two Partners are Career Services and the Purdue Water Institute. You can read more about how they resolved issues which many site owners face –  http://webs.purduecal.edu/webaccessibility/category/web-accessibility-partners/)

In September, five Purdue Calumet students — James Hunt, Iesha Lockett, Cassandra Klemme, Brian Boros and Sammy Gonzales — joined us to help make sure that our sites are accessible, as well as compliant. All five are experts in utilizing assistive technology, such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, and voice recognition software, and all are making major contributions. They have been reviewing Web pages, documents and captioned videos, as well as providing us with their specialized insights.

For example, we have updated the PDF of the campus map, based on their recommendations. This should make the map more useful for those who rely on screen readers. We also have improved the way we caption our videos to assist those who rely on those captions.

All of our student workers are passionate about helping others understand what it takes to guarantee that all Web-based information is available to everyone who visits the Purdue Calumet Web sites. We’re happy to have them on board.

For more information about Web Accessibility, contact coordinator Pam Riesmeyer at (219) 989-2731 or riesmeyerp@purduecal.edu.