The World is Different. Community is Inclusive.

Accessibility Awareness Event – Today!

The World is Different. Community is inclusive.By now many of us on campus have heard about website accessibility and maybe even started additional training to ensure that our university is website and web-based learning accessible. This effort is an essential legal and moral pursuit that Purdue University Calumet is accomplishing in phases towards accessibility. In this pursuit we are partnering with West Lafayette and using Section 508 from the Federal Government as a guideline.

The internet, which makes learning possible for all of us, including the disabled can be a challenge if needs are not considered and adjusted with a pro-active strategy.  Websites made up of mostly images or PDFs that can’t be read by a screen reader can present a learning barrier to a person with a disability. Web pages that flash is another example of a barrier that prevents a student from pursuing a degree here, and presents a staff or faculty member similar challenges.

Experiencing what a person with a disability goes through to learn from a website can be a rewarding and satisfying experience.  That’s why University Relations is hosting an event that will allow you to experience it first-hand along with other ways to learn more about our university-wide efforts toward accessibility.

Join us TODAY, Wednesday, March 21 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on the first floor of the SUL Building, where we will have two tables with an accessibility point person and a computer.  Look for signage that says; The World is Different. Community is Inclusive.

Those individuals that have a few moments to learn more about accessibility will be given a t-shirt and bookmark in appreciation of their time and effort to understand this important university goal. (until supplies last)

Other areas of the university that also work towards helping those with disabilities, and making the pursuit of a degree possible will have presentations at this time as well.

Please stop by and lend a few moments of your time to this important effort that builds inclusivity.

For more information on our university website and web-based accessibility:

For the Purdue Web Policy: