From the Chancellor

Congratulations! Come back & share the Purdue Calumet dream A few final exams and perhaps a paper or project are all that separate our graduating seniors from the cherished Purdue degree they … [Read more...]


Among our seniors looking forward to graduating this month are . . . Kathleen Brzezinski of Highland – This non-traditional, computer science major resumed her education in 2008 after beginning as … [Read more...]


... offering congrats to our prospective grads Victoria Merrill-Washington Master of Science in Education, 1990 New graduates, you must be exhilarated. As a professional school counselor … [Read more...]

Campus News

123 seniors are "Outstanding" Congratulations to 123 seniors awarded an Outstanding Student Award for their academic achievements and community contributions. Students who have completed a … [Read more...]

Hey, Graduating Seniors

Here's how you can stay connected to Purdue Calumet Hey, graduating seniors! Now that you are soon-to-be alumni, here's how you can take advantage of all that Purdue Calumet has to offer after … [Read more...]