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Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

From the Chancellor

October 22, 2014

Unification efforts producing benefits beyond $$$ savings

It is well documented that more than $740,000 in recurring and non-recurring unification savings has been realized to date at our campus and North Central.

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Emily Hixon (left) and Brenda Turgeon

Faculty Excellence

October 22, 2014

Faculty Research and Scholarship Day celebrated Tuesday (10/21)

Some 104 faculty research posters, including nine from Purdue North Central, were showcased Tuesday (10/21) in Alumni Hall during Faculty Research and Scholarship Day.

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Neeti Parashar

Faculty Fellow

October 22, 2014

Prof. Parashar inducted into NW Indiana Society of Innovators

A year after being recognized as a collaborator on a worldwide research team that contributed to the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics, Professor of Physics Neeti Parashar has been named a Fellow of the Northwest Indiana Society of Innovators.

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Jamaluddin Husain

Faculty briefs

October 22, 2014

Prof Husain participates with international leaders at Baku Forum

At the invitation of the government of Azerbaijan, Professor of Entrepreneurship Jamaluddin Husain participated earlier this month in 2014-Baku International Humanitarian Forum week.

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Step UP! Take Action, Stand Up, Speak Out - Bystander Intervention Certified

Campus Safety

October 22, 2014

Encouraging intervention for a safer campus community

One of the most frequently asked questions parents have about college campuses relates to safety. We were reminded of that again last week during Parents Day on our campus.

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