A Faculty Guide to CLEP

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP®) test is a well-kept secret on college campuses. Too many students don’t know that they can receive course credit simply by taking (and scoring well) on an $80.00 test.

Purpose of the CLEP

The point of this test is not to cheat students out of a college experience or to let them avoid classes. Rather, it is to speed up graduation, and to enrich, rather than cheapen, their undergraduate careers. If they test out of survey-level courses, then they are more open to take classes that they are interested in, and that will better fulfill them as college students.

Furthermore, the tests are not simply a way for students to get out of taking classes and learning course content. The tests are specifically designed to tests students’ knowledge of subjects. If they score high enough, then they prove that they already comprehend what would be taught in a survey-level course on a particular subject. Therefore, there is no need for students to take the course if they are already knowledgeable of the content.

The exams are designed to help students save a great deal of time and money. CLEP® exams are popular among those who have attended a regionally accredited school, members of the military, and those who have obtained experience in some other way, such as an internship or study abroad program.

CLEP Credit

The CLEP® offers exams on 34 different subjects in the areas of Composition and Literature, World Languages, History and Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, and Business.

Nearly 3,000 colleges and Universities across the country give course credit for CLEP® scores, including Purdue University Calumet.

PUC accepts CLEP® scores in a host of areas. To see the full CLEP® equivalence score table, please see the Purdue University Calumet academic catalog.

In order for a PUC student to take the CLEP® exam, he or she must complete registration through The College Board at www.collegeboard.org/clep.  The Testing Services Center is a certified test center for CLEP; students can test in our center or at any other certified test site.

CLEP Resources: