Testing Information for Faculty

Faculty know, probably better than anyone else, the importance of assessing students’ skills. Through assessment, faculty can better understand what types of course material will best help students achieve the level of success they desire. At the TestingCenter, we provide assessments that help teachers and students understand:

  • What freshman-level Purdue Calumet classes are best for them
  • Whether they are ready to enter teacher preparation courses
  • Whether they are ready for graduate school
  • What they have learned throughout their college education, etc.

The Testing Center offers placement, national and institutional testing, as well as make-up tests for your students. If you have students who have questions about testing, or who are looking for standardized testing tutors or study material, please refer them to our office at 219-989-2504. If you need to schedule a make-up test, see below.

Faculty Resources for Skills Assessment

Faculty References for Skills Assessment