Placement Testing

Placement Testing at Purdue Calumet

The Testing Services Center oversees placement for the following subjects: English, math, and foreign language (French, German & Spanish). Placement testing is designed to determine approriate course placement. 

  • English and foreign language placement must be taken in the Testing Services Center, Lawshe 118.  Please bring ID and student ID number with you to test.
  • Math placement can now be completed online through ALEKS.  Math placement testing is recommended for incoming freshmen, transfer students and students re-entering Purdue Calumet after one year.  As a general rule, those students who need or want to take a math course in their plan of study should take ALEKS.
  • Math placement is best completed prior to New Student Orientation, which is mandatory for all new incoming students, transfer students and students re-entering Purdue Calumet after one year.
  • Please use the following link for more information about ALEKS:

What to Bring to Testing Services Center

How to Plan for Your Test

English & Foreign Language Placement at the Testing Services Center: 

  • Tests are administered in Lawshe 118.
  • Tests are available on a walk-in basis; you do not need to make an appointment.
  • Contact the Testing Services Center at (219) 989-2504 if you have any questions.

Math Placement using ALEKS:

  • Plan to spend about 90 minutes to complete the assessment.
  • Log in to the MyPUC portal using the login and password provided in Admissions letter.
  • No prior studying is necessary before taking the ALEKS assessment online.  Each students is allowed to retest up to three times; however, after first two attempts, use of the learning modules provided through ALEKS will be required in order to retest.  Please note that your subscription lasts for six months from your initial sign-in to ALEKS.
  • Your last ALEKS percentage score, not your best score, will be used for placement.

Retest Policy

  • Retest for English placement test is allowed ONLY by signed authorization from department head. 
  • Retests are NOT ALLOWED for foreign language placement tests; tests can be taken only one time.

Sample Questions

The following resources can help you prepare to do your best on the exams:

Sample English Placement Test

CoolMath.Com: A Math Review Resource

For English placement, ACCUPLACER launched a study app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  For only $1.99, students can brush up on their skills and become familiar with the style and content of questions asked on an ACCUPLACER test.  For additional information on the ACCUPLACER Study App, click here:


*  Accommodations

  • “Reasonable accommodations” are available (in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act). Students should contact the Office of Disability Services to make proper arrangements: (219) 989-2455.