GRE-GRE Subject

GRE (Graduate Record Examinations):

  • The Graduate Record Examinations tests are taken by individuals applying to graduate schools. The exam is available in two forms, General and Subject Test.
  • General GRE exams cover critical thinking, analytical writing, and verbal and quantitative writing skills.
  • Subject Tests are available for students studying math, science, computers, and English literature. These exams measure readiness for graduate work in these subjects areas.
  • The computer-based version of the general test allows students to answer fewer questions through an adaptive process that matches a student’s skill level.
  • Purdue University Calumet offers the paper version of the subject test.

Purdue University Calumet administers the GRE Subject test ONLY; we do not offer dates for the GRE General test.  Administration dates for the GRE General test and the Subject test are different.  Please refer to the ETS website at for information on each test in order to determine which test you need to take.

Registration and Fees:

Registration and fee information are available through the Educational Testing Service website at  Free descriptive booklets, including information and test preparation materials, are available in downloadable format at this site.


GRE Test Dates 2014-2015

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For additional information regarding registration and testing dates for the GRE Subject test, please follow this link: