Make-Up Exam Scheduling

The Testing Services Center offers make-up testing services to assist Purdue Calumet Faculty.  Make-up testing can be scheduled by Faculty in advance of exams.  Make-up testers test at the Center under proctored supervision in our secure environment.

Make-Up Exam Policies and Procedures:

Professor is responsible for:

  • Contacting Testing Services Center to schedule exam date.
  • Providing a list of students expected for the make-up exam.
  • Providing exam and all exam materials, including ScanTron’s, graph paper, etc.  Exam can be emailed or dropped off hard copy.
  • Providing exam instructions, i.e. open vs. closed book, notes allowed, laptop allowed, etc.
  • Picking up hard copy exams upon completion of all make-up testing.

Student is responsible for:

  • Call Testing Services Center to schedule a time to take test on exam day.
  • Adhering to all test instructions.

To schedule a make-up exam, contact the Testing Services Center at or (219) 989-2504.  We will need the exam date, faculty name and course information.  There are no charges or fees to Faculty or student for make-up exams.