ALEKS Math Placement

The ALEKS Math Placement Assessment is an online placement tool located in the Purdue Calumet Portal.  Please follow the link below to the Portal:

Log in to the portal using the career login provided in your admission letter.  You may be required to set up or change your portal login password.  If you are having issues logging in to the PUC Portal, please contact the Customer Service Center at 219-989-2888, option #2.  They can troubleshoot any portal sign-in issues via phone.

The link to the ALEKS math placement assessment can be found in the Newly Admitted or Enrollment Services tabs of the MyPUC Portal, in the Student Profile channel.  Click the blue link to go directly to ALEKS to purchase subscription and test.

ALEKS is required for all incoming/transfer students who intend to register for a math course as part of their plan of study.  It is highly recommended that ALEKS be taken prior to New Student Orientation so that registration for math courses can be completed. 

Completion of ALEKS prior to New Student Orientation is especially important for students in programs for MATH, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, COMPUTER SCIENCE, PHYSICS, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, students admitted to the College of Business, Preparatory programs or as Undecided students. 

ALEKS is an important assessment; please take it seriously and do your best.  Receiving help when testing is dishonest and may qualify you for a math course for which you are not prepared and cannot pass.  This may severely impact GPA and progression through your plan of study.  To ensure testing integrity, some students may be asked to retake the ALEKS assessment in the Testing Services Center, located on campus in the Lawshe building, Room 118. 

Cost for ALEKS is $25.00, payable upon linking to the ALEKS website from the portal.  A credit or debit card will be needed to pay for ALEKS.

The assessment can be taken up to three times.  Your last ALEKS score will be used for placement. 

Please note that you have a six month subscription to ALEKS.  All attempts and use of the learning modules must completed within this time period. 

ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is a web-based, online mathematics assessment required of new freshman and transfer students who will need to take/register for math courses based on their specific plan of study.  Your ALEKS score is used to determine the best placement for math. Registration for a math course is not possible without placement test results. 

All incoming new, transfer and re-entry students are required to attend NSO.  Incoming students who complete the ALEKS placement assessment will be redirected to the New Student Orientation webpage to register for an upcoming orientation date.  If possible, plan to take ALEKS as soon as possible after admission to the university.  This will give you plenty of time for testing and re-testing, if needed.

You do not have to study anything before taking the first ALEKS assessment.  If you are not happy with your results or placement, you can take additional assessments, and can also complete learning modules offered upon completion of your assessment.  These learning modules will help you brush up on key math topics before taking another assessment.  You are encouraged to use the learning modules offered by ALEKS, not only for retesting, but also to refresh math skills prior to beginning the semester.  Students can take two assessments without using the learning modules.  After the second completed assessment, use of the learning modules is required in order to retest. 

How Does ALEKS work?

After log in and payment, a brief tutorial in ALEKS will show you how to use ALEKS answer input tools.  Once the tutorial is complete, you can begin the ALEKS assessment.

Plan to spend about 90 minutes to complete the assessment; however, you will need to complete the assessment within 24 hours from start to finish.  ALEKS assesses your current math knowledge by asking a series of free response questions.  ALEKS chooses each question on the basis of your answers to previous questions.  No two tests will be alike.

By the time you have completed the assessment, ALEKS has developed a picture of your math knowledge, determining which topics you have mastered and which topics you have not mastered adequately.  Upon completion of the assessment, your percentage score will be shown.  Additionally, you will see your ALEKS pie, a multicolored pie chart which represents your current math knowledge by concept.

Based on your math knowledge, learning modules will be presented which will help you review mathematical concepts.  These learning modules will be available to you for six months following your initial assessment.  Again, use of these modules is highly encouraged to help you better place into the correct math course as well as help you prepare in advance for that course.

You do not have to complete the assessment in one sitting; you can take a break and go back to where you left off.  However, keep in mind that if the assessment is left inactive for 24 hours, it will be reset and you will need to begin the assessment again, using another of your three total attempts.

Purdue Calumet expects all students to adhere to the Honor Code – dishonesty or cheating will not be tolerated.  To ensure testing integrity, some students may be asked to retake the ALEKS assessment in the Testing Services Center, located on campus in the Lawshe building, Room 118. 

Who is NOT required to take ALEKS?

Students who meet any of the following criteria do not need to take ALEKS:

  • Students with AP credit on the AB or BC exam or the equivalent on the IB exams.
  • Students who are transferring in equivalents of ALL math courses required by their intended major, or, ALL math courses covered by ALEKS which are required by their intended major, or, the student who is tranferring inthe most advance math course required by their intended major.
  • Students who transfer in a first college course in calculus.
  • Students with a plan of study that does not require math.

Please contact your academic advisor or the Testing Services Center if you have any questions about whether you need to take ALEKS for math placement.

Interpreting ALEKS Scores

Upon completion of the test, you will see a summary page which includes your math concepts pie chart and your percentage score.  Placement scores are given in percentages which correlate to Purdue Calumet math courses as follows:

ALEKS Math Placement:

Course Description Percentage Score
MA 11500 Intermediate Algebra >=35%
MA 13700 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I >=45%
MA 14700 Algebra & Trigonometry for Technology I >=45%
MA 15300 Algebra & Trigonometry I >=45%
MA 15400 Algebra & Trigonometry II >=60% and MA 15300 Credit
MA 15900 Pre-Calculus >=60%
MA 16300 Integrated Calculus & Analytic Geometry I >=85%
MA 16019 Calculus for Technology I >=75%
MA 16031 Introductory Analysis I >=75%
MA 15910 Calculus for Business & Economics I >=60%
 Advisory: ALEKS Cut Score <35%


Studentswho take the ALEKS math placement test and earn a score less than 35 have the following options. 

OPTION 1:  You may use the learning modules available in ALEKS or other tutorials of your choice and retake the ALEKS math placement test.  You will have six weeks from the date of your original ALEKS test to go through the tutorials and retest.   You can retest in ALEKS up to three times.  If you still test with a score lower than 35 after completing the tutorials and three attempts, you may pursue option 2.

OPTION 2:  You may attend a local community college, take their math placement test, and enroll in the appropriate math course(s) there as recommended by that institution.    Having completed the math course(s), you must submit your official transcripts and retake the ALEKS placement test at Purdue Calumet.  If your original six-month subscription is expired, you will need to resubscribe to take ALEKS again.  This resubscription is only available via the Testing Services Center on campus in Lawshe Hall, Room 118.  The cost to resubscribe is $25.00 and includes two attempts and the learning modules.  Please note that all tests must be taken in the Testing Services Center; they will not be available online.. 


How do I get technical support for ALEKS?

If you’re having trouble logging into the PUC Portal or are locked out, please contact:

Purdue Calumet Customer Service Center at (219) 989-2888, Option 2. 

For ALEKS customer support, please call or email:

Phone Support hours:  Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Other Questions?

For general questions (not technical), please contact the Testing Services Center at or (219) 989-2504.  For questions regarding placement scores or course placement, contact the Purdue Calumet Math Department at (219) 989-2273.