Welcome to the Purdue Calumet Testing Services Center!

The Testing Services Center offers an array of testing services – from placement tests to national tests.

Types of Testing

Placement Testing:

The Testing Services Center oversees placement for the following subjects: English, math, and foreign language (French, German & Spanish). Placement testing is designed to situate students in the appropriate courses.

  • English and foreign language placement must be taken in the Testing Services Center, Lawshe 118.  Please bring ID and student ID number with you to test.
  • Math placement can now be completed online through ALEKS.  Math placement testing is mandatory for incoming freshmen, transfer students and students re-entering Purdue Calumet after one year.
  • Math placement must be completed prior to registration for New Student Orientation, now mandatory for all new incoming students, transfer students and students re-entering Purdue Calumet after one year.
  • Please use the following link for more information about ALEKS and to complete assessment:


National Testing:

You are probably already familiar with a variety of national tests, such as the SAT, ACT, and GRE. These are assessments developed to test the skills of students hoping to enter a higher level of education, begin a certain plan of study, or prove mastery within a subject area. The Testing Services Center offers these assessments several times per year in accordance with national testing organization schedules.  Purdue University Calumet is an examination site for these types of tests; registration and scheduling is available through each national testing organization.

Institutional Testing:

We offer CLEP (College Level Examination Program) testing.  The CLEP® exam is a 90-minute, computerized exam that, if successfully passed, allows students to receive college credit in a particular course.

The SAT on Campus is another type of institutional test offered to incoming freshmen who plan to attend Purdue University Calumet. Taking this test on campus allows students who have already chosen to attend Purdue Calumet to receive their scores much faster than they would if taking the national SAT test.

Proctored Testing:

We offer exam proctoring services for community residents and professionals who need to take a test under the supervision of a college testing office. We administer both paper/pencil and computer-based tests from schools and professional institutions located locally or nationally.  Please contact the Testing Services Center directly for more information at (219) 989-2504.

Make-Up Testing:

The Testing Services Center offers a secure, proctored environment for Purdue Calumet students to take make-up exams.  This service is offered as an aide to our Faculty, and can be scheduled in advance of exam date.  Please see policies and procedures for make-up test scheduling.

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Please contact the Testing Services Center if you have any questions or need additional information regarding testing services.  We can be reached by phone at (219) 989-2504 or via email at testingcenter@purduecal.edu.