Summary of Faculty Productivity – 2010

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New Edition of Book (8)

(reflects software update and country editions)

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Technical Reports/Trade Journal Articles (4)

  1. Gregory, A., Kent, G., & Leeth, T., (2010). “Land Boundaries and Access Rights” for Half Moon Seminars, LLC.  Presented as a seminar for continuing education credits for attorneys, real estate professionals, and title company examiners, Merrillville, Indiana
  2. Jenks, C. (Arbitrator), (2010). “Boland-Maloney Lumber and IBT, Local 89”, (2010) Citation: 110 LRP 25825 (38 LAIS 20)
  3. Mapa, L. US Department of Commerce report, September 2010 on Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative Sector Focus Study Series- Packaging Machinery: Sustainability and Competitiveness
  4. Zahraee, M., (2010). Report titled “Evaluation of Goods to Go project as of June 2009submittedto Riverside Community College to be included as part of their report to NSF.

Journal Editorship (2)

  1. Jiang, K., Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine.
  2. Latif, N., Member  Editorial Board, Journal of Engineering Technology

International Conference – Keynote Speech/Invited Speaker (2)

  1. Jiang, K. (2010). Biological pathway similarity search – eScience with distributed computing. The 1st International Conference on Networking and Distributed Computing (ICNDC 2010), Hangzhou, China,
  2. Latif, N (2010) Invited speaker, “Higher Education in the U.S.” at the Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) in Bangladesh, January 2010.

Awards and Recognitions (13)

  1. Purdue University Calumet was recognized as the Best University for a Technology Degree, according to Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly magazine, Spring 2010

Faculty and Staff

  1. SOT outstanding faculty for graduate education(Mapa)
  2. SOT outstanding faculty for undergraduate education(Nankivell)
  3. Faculty recognized as one of the Top 15 professionals to watch in Northwest Indiana, Spring 2010 Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland Business magazine (Colwell)
  4. Faculty recognized for distinguished service and leadership by the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana (Evans)
  5. Polaris Award by Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors (Gregory)
  6. SOT staff received the “Going the Extra Mile with a Smile Award.”(Marrero)
  7. Faculty member received Experiential Learning Courses Design and Development Award from Center for Student Achievement (Johnson)
  8. Faculty recognized for creating web presence for the Northwest Indiana Patient Safety Coalition site (Roller)


  1. CSOL student received David Iden Memorial Safety Scholarship ($5,250)from ASSE (faculty mentor- Nakayama)
  2. 3rd Place by CMET students at the international competition on, “Pervious Concrete Sustainability Report” (faculty mentor- Pena)
  3. Mechatronics Engineering Technology Students won the 2nd place in Student Design Contest at Pack Expo in November 2010and awarded $2000 (faculty mentor- Higley)
  4. Students from CGT 216 won the 3rd place in Engineering Education Service Centers Fall 2010 Poster contest at the national level. ((faculty mentor- Labus)

Externally-Funded Awards (2)   $687,051

(Data provided by PUC SPS office)

  1. “Meeting Workforce Needs for Mechatronics Technician,” NSF-ATE # DUE?1003668 grant (PI-Latif, Hossain, Zahraee)$613,862
  2. Advancing the Successful IT Student through Enhanced Computational Thinking and AMMENDMENT 2(ASSECT, University of Massachusetts, (PIWiner)$ 73,189

Internally-Funded Awards (12) $66,290

(Data provided by PUC SPS office)

  1. Northwest Indiana Computing Grid (NWICG): Disaster Management and Communication System for Northwest Indiana (DMCS-NWI, $28,846 (Jin, Nicolai, Jiang, Winer)
  2. PRF Summer Faculty Grant “Determination of Oxygen Diffusion Coefficient in Concrete Containing Recycled-surface- treated rubber by use of Electrochemical Methods” Grant Amount $2,000  (Pena)
  3. Undergraduate Research Project Grants (4 separate awards) Award Total $1,500  (Pena)
  4. Undergraduate research project grants, Award Total $500  (Mapa, Zahraee)
  5. Perkins Grant-Engineering Technology purchased a Dynamometer $8,080 (Rickerson, Mapa, Zahraee)
  6. PRF International Travel Grant, $1,000, Fall 2010 (Jiang)
  7. Perkins Grant- Construction Science & Organizational Leadership purchased six (6) new Leica Flexline Total Stations with full keyboard, 30 meter prism-less capability, including tribrachs, batteries, and chargers for Surveying program $21,864 (Gregory)
  8. Distance Education Training Award, Time Release over one year $2,500 (Jin)

Continuing Education Activities (through DEEL) (5)   $58,371

(Data provided by PUC AOTC office)

  1. CET 32200     Astronomic & Geodetic Surveying (Gregory)   Revenue:    $  9,670
  2. Apprenticeship Training (Zahraee, Higley, Rickerson)  Revenue:    $39,650
  3. OSHA Safety Training (Nakayama)   Revenue:    $  1,300
  4. OLS 55000   Managing Diversity:  Nursing Cohort (Gregory, Ocon)  Revenue:    $  2,151
  5. CET 30400   Legal Descriptions (Gregory) Revenue:    $  5,600

Sitting on the Boards of Professional Societies (Nationally) (11)

  1. Director, Engineering Technology Council (ETC), American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) (Latif)
  2. ACM SIGGRAPH video sub chair and reviewer for ACM SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference (Whittington)
  3. 2010 ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Graphics net Committee (Nankivell)
  4. Engineering Technology Leadership Institute, Chair of Executive Council (Gregory)
  5. National Society of Professional Surveyors – Trig Star Committee (Vice Chair / Secretary) (Gregory)
  6. National Mediation Board (Labor Panel) (Jenks)
  7. Social Security Administration (Labor Panel) (Jenks)
  8. ACI Committee on Pervious Concrete (Pena)
  9. Sub Committee member of ASTM C09, ASTM C09.23.04 ,ASTM C09.24, ASTM C09.49 , ASTM C09.64 (Pena)
  10. Executive Board of Engineering Technology Division of ASEE, Annual Conference Program Chair (Farook)
  11. MTM Association, Board of Directors, (Scachitti)

Development Contributions (role in securing gifts, gift in kind) (1)  $4,650

(Data provided by PUC Advancement office)

  1. $4,650 hydraulic power unit and 4th axis from Morrison, November, 2010 (Higley)

Cash Gifts $33,138

(Data provided by PUC Advancement office)

  • Computer Information Technology and Graphics                         $  1,875
  • Construction Science and Organizational Leadership                  $  7,433
  • Engineering Technology                                                                            $14,487
  • School of Technology                                                                                  $  9,343

New Approved Graduate Courses (11)

(Data provided by PUC Graduate office)

  1. ITS 56000                 Database Management Security                                            B. Nicolai
  2. ITS 56200                 Database Administration                                                          B. Nicolai
  3. ITS 56400                Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence                    B. Nicolai
  4. OLS 58200              Leadership and Organizational Change                                 J. Johnson
  5. CMET 54100           Advanced Construction Operations                                      J. Lee
  6. CMET 50100           Temporary Structures in Construction                                J. Pena
  7. ECET 55300             Robotic System Design                                                              O. Farook
  8. ECET 55200             Embedded System Design                                                         O. Farook
  9. ECET 55500             System Reliability                                                                        M. Fathizadeh
  10. TECH 57500            Software Project Management                                                L. Mapa
  11. TECH 50100            Internship in Technology                                                          J. Colwell

New Mode of Delivery of Existing Courses (4)

1. ITS 36400 DB Modeling & Implementation B. Nicolai Experiential Learning
2. ITS 14000 Intro to Comp. Algorithm an Logic K. Jiang Traditional and Online using Adobe Connect
3. IET 27300 Prin. of Quality & Process Improv S. Scachitti Online Delivery
4. IET 35500 Statistical Process Control L. Mapa Online Delivery using Adobe Connect

Courses Delivered for the First Time (9)

  1. TECH 58100 – Sustainability Engineering (IET) – L. Mapa (Online)
  2. TECH 58100 – Small Arms Design (MET) – J. Higley
  3. ECET 49900 – IP Telephony (undergrad new course) – B. Robinson
  4. OLS 42100 – Psychology & Sociology of Safety – S. Nakayama
  5. ITS 58100 – Database Application Integration – B. Nicolai
  6. ITS 58100 – Database Object-Oriented Modeling & Architecture – B. Nicolai
  7. TECH 58100 – Topics in Application Integration – K. Jiang
  8. TECH 58100 – Managing Information Technology – K. Nankivell
  9. OLS 55000 – Managing Diversity – R. Ocon