Outstanding Undergraduate Faculty Award


  1. The nominee must be a full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty member with a teaching FTE of at least 0.50 at Purdue University Calumet for the academic year prior to nomination.
  2. The teaching FTE for the year in which the person is nominated must equal at least 0.50.
  3. The nominee must be willing to have his/her name placed in nomination.
  4. The nominee must not have won the SOT Outstanding Faculty Award for Undergraduate Education during the four years preceding the nomination. Nominators should feel free to resubmit previous nominations.
  5. Nominations may not be made by department heads, since they are members of the review committee. 

 Evaluation Criteria

  1. The emphasis for this award is placed on outstanding teaching, mentoring or research efforts in the undergraduate programs.
  2. Nominees will be evaluated on the basis of a dossier not more than two pages documenting outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. The dossier should provide specific evidence of outstanding performance in one or more, not necessarily all, of the categories listed below:
    • Commitment to academic excellence through innovative instructional delivery and/or development of undergraduate instructional programs.
    • Attention to individual student needs, interests, and development through such items as job placement or acquisition of senior design projects or industry contacts or recruiting.
    • Advising and mentoring of students.
    • Involvement of students in research, scholarship, and professional development.
    • Consideration of classroom teaching in courses in which students are enrolled for undergraduate credit.
    • Scholarly work and/or research and grant activity for undergraduate courses or programs.

This list should not be considered exhaustive or restrictive.

The committee will consider any and all outstanding contributions to undergraduate and/or professional education described by the materials provided. The magnitude of an outstanding contribution in one area may compensate for little contribution in other areas.

Evaluation Procedure

The completed nomination packages will be reviewed by the School’s Awards Committee. Awards committee members for this year are Dean, Department Heads, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies, and the previous year’s recipient of this award.  The committee will use the above criteria, along with quality nominating materials, for selecting the award recipient.

Nomination Due:  January 31, 2014

Award to be Announced: College of Technology Spring Event

Solicitation for Awards: January 2014