A Mechatronics Curriculum and Packaging Automation Laboratory Facility

NSF Award Number: 0837164

Principal Investigator:
Akram Hossain, Prof. Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

Co-Principal Investigators:
James Higley, Prof. Mechanical Engineering Technology
Masoud Fathizadeh, Prof. Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Gregory Neff, Prof. Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mohammad Zahraee, Prof. Mechanical Engineering Technology

The project is addressing the learning of mechatronics in engineering technology through hands-on experience in the laboratory and through internships. It is enhancing six existing courses in electrical and mechanical engineering technology; developing two new mechatronics engineering technology courses; and establishing one new mechatronics laboratory facility to provide hands-on experience in  designing, controlling, and integrating   packaging machinery systems. In doing this it is incorporating experiential learning to make the courses more beneficial, practical, and appealing to students. The investigators are partnering with local industries, which are donating new equipment and hiring a substantial number of interns from this program.

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