Technology Day Showcase

The College of Technology hosted its annual Technology Day on Thursday, April 24 on the Calumet Campus. The following images were taken during the Student Showcase of poster/project presentations.

Technology Day TechDay-02 TechDay-03 TechDay-04 TechDay-05 TechDay-06 TechDay-07 TechDay-08 TechDay-09 TechDay-10 TechDay-11 TechDay-12 TechDay-13 TechDay-14 TechDay-15 TechDay-16 TechDay-17 TechDay-18 TechDay-19 TechDay-20 TechDay-21 TechDay-22 TechDay-23 TechDay-24 TechDay-25 TechDay-26 TechDay-27 TechDay-28 TechDay-29 TechDay-30 TechDay-31 TechDay-32 TechDay-33 TechDay-34 TechDay-35 TechDay-36 TechDay-37 TechDay-38 TechDay-39 TechDay-40