Student Research Grants

Fall 2013 Indiana Space Grant for Undergraduate Research

  • Urvashi Gupta & Eesha Sharma, Engineering Technology
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    Mentor: J.P Agrawal, Professor, Electrical Engineering Technology

Fall 2013 Undergraduate Research Grants

  • Anne Mc Cormack, Construction Science and Organizational Leadership
    Pervious Concrete Used as An Alternative Material for Manhole Covers
    Mentor: Jose Pena, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Technology
  • Jianwang Xing, Computer Information Technology and Graphics
    Development and validation of the sensor-based water level monitoring system
    Tae-Hoon Kim, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Technology
  • Jingsong Zhang & Songyuan Yang, Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation
    3D Visualization for Steel Industry Safety Training
    Mentors: Shoji Nakayama, Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Chenn Q. Zhou and John Moreland
  • Jeremy Kaiser & Stavros Amanatidis, Computer Information Technology and Graphics Department
    3D Game to Support Art Education
    Mentor: Ge Jin, Assistant Professor, Computer Graphics Technology