Outstanding Students Selected

The following outstanding students from the School of Technology were selected for this year’s recognition at the Chancellor’s Reception for Outstanding Students.

Engineering Technology

  • Hamad  Abbadi,  Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Steven Snyder,  Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Parvizsho Aminov,  Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Justin Lasecki,  Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Ryan Trgovcich,  Electrical Engineering Technology
  •  Adam Morris,  Mechatronics Engineering Technology
  • Jeffrey  Davis,  Industrial Engineering Technology

Computer Information Technology and Graphics

  • Timothy Albrecht,  Computer Information Technology
  • Jonathan Fromin,  Computer Information Technology
  • Jonathan Kamphuis,  Computer Information Technology
  • Nicole Kirincic,  Computer Graphics Technology
  • Michelle Lynn Taylor,  Computer Graphics Technology
  • Lindsey Warga,  Computer Graphics Technology

Construction Science and Organizational Leadership

  • Brianne Slick,  Construction Management & Engineering Technologies
  • Maria Melissa Davidson,  Construction Management & Engineering Technologies
  • Michael Darrough,  Organizational Leadership & Supervision
  • Stanley Makarowski,  Organizational Leadership & Supervision