$28,500 sub-grant awarded to Naperville, IL professor

Purdue Calumet Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology and Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies Mohammad Zahraee recently received a $28,500 sub-grant from the National Science Foundation-Advanced Technological Education (NSF-ATE).

The sub-grant is part of an $845,975 grant awarded to Sinclair (OH) Community College. Zahraee was invited by Sinclair to be the external evaluator for its grant, based on his experience as a program evaluator, commissioner and the national chair of the Technology Accreditation Commission during the past 18 years. This is the third NSF grant that Zahraee has received in the past three years.

The grant is supporting a project, through summer workshops, that provides high school teachers of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and related subjects with tools and knowledge of simple projects and materials the teachers can use in their classroom. Ultimately, the grant project seeks to increase interest in these subject areas among high school students as they prepare for college.

“I feel great that my peers think what we do is worth the financial support of such a prestigious government agency as NSF,” Zahraee, a Naperville, IL resident, said.

Zahraee has served Purdue Calumet since 1989. He holds a baccalaureate degree in engineering mechanics from Southern Illinois University, a master’s in structural engineering and a doctorate in engineering mechanics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

More information about NSF can be obtained by visiting www.nsf.gov. Other information about the summer workshops for high school teachers can be obtained by contacting Prof. Zahraee at Zahraee@purduecalumet.edu or at 219/989-2464.