Undergraduate Research Grants Awarded

Please join us in congratulating the following students and faculty members in the School of Technology who have received the LSAMP and Undergraduate Research Award.

  • Michael Terrell Smith, Computerized System to Sort Garments According to Machine Readable Tags
    Omer Farook (LSAMP), Faculty Mentor
  • Robert Henderson, PC Based Robot Control Arm. I will control the movement of a robot for industrial material handling systems
    Omer Farook (LSAMP), Faculty Mentor
  • Michel Ovando, T-Rex walking Dinosaur Machine
    Ashfaq Ahmed (LSAMP), Faculty Mentor
  • Andrew Oppenhuis, Testing The Efect Of Elevated Temperature On Bond Between Steel Reinforcement And Fiber Reinforced Concrete
    Jose Pena (URG), Faculty Mentor