PUC receives $613,000+ grant in support of mechatronics engineering technology program

Purdue University Calumet’s innovative mechatronics engineering technology program, which prepares students for  high-demand jobs in the packaging machinery industry, has received a $613,862 grant from the National Science Foundation.

The grant, entitled “Meeting Workforce Needs for Mechatronics Technicians,” is the second the program has received from the National Science Foundation.

“It has been a partnership among three universities and colleges—Purdue Calumet, College of DuPage (IL) and Ivy Tech Community College—and the packaging industry,” Purdue Calumet School of Technology Dean and Grant Principal Investigator Niaz Latif said about the grant. “This award is indeed an endorsement of our faculty expertise by their national peers.

“The project the grant supports will address workforce needs of the packaging machinery industry and other industries that require mechatronics knowledge and skill of its workforce.”

Also directing the grant project are Purdue Calumet Engineering Technology Professors Mohammad A. Zahraee, Akram Hossain, Gregory Neff and Masoud Fathizadeh; Aco Sikoski of Ivy Tech Community College; and Rosul Branislav of College of DuPage.

Zahraee added that the grant will support course augmentation and modularization, as well as the integration and innovative delivery of experiential learning within the courses, enabling students to apply their knowledge.

Prompted by an industrial need for trained technologists to design, build and service the type of complex, high speed machinery used in the package industry, Purdue Calumet introduced its mechatronics engineering technology baccalaureate degree program two years ago. The program combines instruction in electrical control and mechanical design. 

Other information about Purdue Calumet’s mechatronics engineering technology program is available by contacting Academic Advisor Ed Perosky at 219/989-2484; 800/HI-PURDUE, ext. 2484; or perosky@calumet.purdue.edu.