Outstanding Faculty Awards

The emphasis for these awards is placed on outstanding teaching, mentoring or research efforts in the graduate and undergraduate programs.


Lash Mapa, Professor, Industrial Engineering Technology
Graduate Award 2009-2010

“There is not a day or evening I do not see Professor Mapa quickly pacing the hallways to assist other undergraduate and graduate students with writing grant proposals, working in the RFID lab or having meetings with other students such as myself.” 

“Lash is known for going above and beyond for his students, for graduate education in the school, for industry service, and for research.  He is what we should aspire to be.  We wouldn’t have the graduate program we have today without his dedicated efforts.  He has developed several new graduate courses (at least 5), and is one of the most sought after directed project advisors and committee members.” 


Kim Nankivell, Associate Professor, Computer Graphics Technology
Undergraduate Award 2009-2010

“Mr. Nankivell’s lectures were not only engaging, but also easily the most informative ones during my time at Purdue. . . . his ability to keep students’ attention, clearly explain the material and be both friendly and authoritative marks him as a gifted teacher- one deserving of praise.”

“I have had Professor Nankivell as a teacher for 200, 300, and 400 level classes.  He is an excellent teacher at all of those levels, and I would not hesitate to take another class with him.  I always look forward to having classes with Professor Nankivell because I know they will be both fun and educational, as well as teach me the skills I will need to succeed after I graduate.”