NWICG 2009 Summer Research and Instructional Development Grants

Two School of Technology faculty members have been awarded 2009 Summer Research and Instructional Development Grants by the Northwest Indiana Computing Grid.

Dennis P. Korchek, Professor, Construction Science and Organizational Leadership, has set the goal of this NWICG project is to develop a virtual construction of a wood-framed single family house to demonstrate construction principles and framing details to students enrolled in ARET 250, Architectural Construction I. When the project is completed the students will be able to walk through a virtual construction site as components of the building are coming together. The students can observe the sequencing and process of construction as well as see the assembly details.

Ge Jin D.Sc, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Technology and Graphics, will be researching immersive virtual reality based rehabilitation system with data glove. The objective of this research is to develop novel tools and technologies to enable the users to move freely in a virtual 3D environment and perform specific motor skill tasks in a natural manner using a data glove. For this summer research, we will concentrate on the calibration of 5DT data glove with Intersense IS-900 motion tracker and creation of two virtual rehabilitation tasks associated with reaching, grasping and lifting motor skills. Although, the proposed research is aimed for the VR based rehabilitation, the generality of this research can be applied to various virtual reality based training and simulation.