NSF (National Science Foundation) Grant Received

The School of Technology has received an NSF grant in support of the new Mechatronics Engineering Technology Program. This project, entitled “A Mechatronics Curriculum and Packaging Automation Laboratory Facility,” is under the direction of Professors Akram Hossain (Principal Investigator), Gregory Neff, James B. Higley, Masoud Fathizadeh, and Mohammad A. Zahraee of the Engineering Technology Department.

“NSF grants are very competitive and receiving this award is an indication of the outstanding quality and expertise of the faculty involved!” Purdue Calumet Dean of the School of Technology Dr. Niaz Latif said.

The award is in the amount of $149,372 and will support continued research and development of the courses and facilities within the new Mechatronics Engineering Technology Program at Purdue University Calumet.

“This NSF award will bring great benefits to students enrolled in the Mechatronics Engineering Technology program,” Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Akram Hossain said. “As part of the grant, at least five courses will be significantly enhanced to implement the latest in high speed automation equipment. After successfully completing these courses, the students will have worked in an environment equivalent to many entry-level careers.”

“This program prepares students for jobs as machine designers, packaging engineers, automation specialists and service technicians among others in the stable, exciting field of high speed packaging,” Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology James Higley said. “Students will gain a broad electrical and mechanical background in preparation for outstanding careers leading to designing, installing and troubleshooting the complex equipment that produces and packages items consumers purchase daily.”

For information about enrolling in the Mechatronics Engineering Technology program, contact Patrick Leser, Academic Advisor, at 219/989-3125; 800/HI-PURDUE, ext. 3125; or leserp@calumet.purdue.edu.