Visit by Korean Delegation

The School of Technology hosted a visit of Korean Delegates from the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea. The delegation includes Dr. Kwanju Kim (Chair, International Activities Committee), Dr. Cho Sun Hyung, Dr. Yoon Chun Keun, and Dr. Jae-Seok Han.

Image of Korean delegation visitors to Purdue University Calumet

The purpose of their visit was to establish a base for accreditation of Technology Programs in Korea similar to that of TAC (Technology Accreditation Commission) of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) in the United States.

During their visit, the members of the delegation met with Dr. Niaz Latif, Dean, School of Technology, and with the respective department heads within the School of Technology: Prof. Tony Gregory, Department of Construction Sciences and Organization Leadership, Dr. Essaid Bouktache, Department of Engineering Technology, and Prof. Chuck Winer, Department of Computer Information Technology and Graphics.

The visit included a presentation by Prof. Omer Farook, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, on ABET Accreditation Outcome Based Assessment and guided tours of the School of Technology Construction, Mechatronics and Visualization labs. After the tours, they were presented with samples of documents that were used during the last School of Technology ABET visit in 2005.

After a cordial and constructive lunch, the visit concluded by meeting with Dr. Mohammad Zahraee, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology and National Chair, TAC of ABET.