Outstanding Faculty Awards

Two faculty from the Department of Construction Science and Organizational Leadership were selected as this year’s Outstanding Faculty award recipients.

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Technology

Outstanding Teacher Award

Jose A. Pena


Arguably rigorous and demanding in his approach, he prepares students for lifelong learning, makes theory real to them and involves them in scholarly research. As one indicated: “(He) has gone far beyond his responsibilities as a teacher. He has brought a new level of professionalism to his classes and has raised students’ expectations about what they can accomplish.

Outstanding Faculty Service Award

Roy E. Evans
Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Acclaimed for his exceptional leadership in the Architecture Technology program, Council of Academic Department Heads, Academic Integrity Task Force, and Campus Master Plan Committee, he also has demonstrated considerable talent conveying technical information to the lay community in understandable terms. In addition to being an accomplished teacher and colleague, he has served local government, not-for-profit organizations and business in an exemplary way.