Graduate Course Taught in Nanjing, China

Prof. Chuck Winer, Acting Department Head, Computer Information Technology and Graphics, taught a graduate level course at Southeast University during a three week stay in Nanjing China this summer.  He stayed in the main city of Nanjing at the “old” campus.  Each day the University had three buses to transport faculty from the old campus to the “new” campus about 50 minutes away.  The new campus is actually two years old and is twice as large as the Purdue University West Lafayette campus.  There are many buildings and much green spaces.  As additional programs are offered at the new campus, more building will take place.

The title of the course taught was “Request For Proposal/Project Development and Management.”  Topics/objectives covered in the course were:

  • Develop skills in the use of project management tools and methods within the context of an information systems project
  • To select appropriate project management tools and demonstrate their use
  • Acquaint the student with the current definitions and surveys about the computer and IS market
  • Identify the dominate hardware, software, and services vendors in the field
  • Discuss some of the current and future trends occurring in the computer and IS field
  • Become acquainted with methods of organizational and administrative considerations in the selection process
  • Become familiar with the composition of a Request for Proposal (RFP) document
  • Identify the kinds of responses one should expect from vendors to the RFP
  • Understand how to validate the characteristics and performance of a vendor’s proposed system
  • Become knowledgeable with some of the performance measurement tools that can be used to predict and validate system throughputs and response times
  • Identify what kind of qualitative and quantitative selection techniques exist
  • Become acquainted with negotiating techniques and maneuvers that can be used during the negotiating process
  • Have an understanding of the different procurement criteria used in the selection process.
  • Become familiar with common vendor contracts, clauses, and other legal issues.
  • Identify the important issues regarding conversion and compatibility

Image of students attending class.

Students in groups of three students per team prepared a case study evaluation on an IT corporation and developed a group project Request For Proposal (RFP) based upon requirements from an instructor supplied case study.  To better prepare their English speaking skills, each team presented their RFP results before the entire class.